Recent Projects

marshmallow: A lightweight, ORM-agnostic Python library for serializing objects. Useful for building REST APIs.

TextBlob: Simple, Pythonic text processing. Includes part-of-speech tagging, noun phrase parsing, sentiment analysis, and more. Collection of simple guides for accomplishing programming-related tasks.

aiohttp_utils: Various utilities for building aiohttp web applications.

Tiny Utilities

webargs: Request argument parser compatible with Flask, Django, and Bottle.

doitlive: A tool for "live" presentations in the terminal.

konch: Allows you to customize your Python shell.

ped: Quickly open Python modules in your text editor.

AreYouSure.js: Inline confirmation dialogs for Javascript.

gig: Generate .gitignore files from the command line.


SEPAL: Cloud-based acoustic feature extraction.

Sqk: Tools for automated classification and analysis of rodent vocalizations. Also my first Python project.

You can find more of my projects at my Github profile.