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  1. Python Best Practice Patterns by Vladimir Keleshev (Notes)

    Edit March 14, 2014: Fix conditional in Composed Method section. Thanks Rufus Smith.

    Edit February 28, 2014: __eq__ returns NotImplemented to avoid asymmetric comparison. Thanks Daniel Smith.

    Edit February 28, 2014: Removed enumerate usage in "Interesting Return Value" section. Thanks Hugh Brown and Paul Winkler.

    Edit September 5, 2013: Fixed …

  2. My MOOC education 2013

    Updated: May 26, 2013

    In progress

    • Linear Algebra (Coursera)
    • The Design of Computer Programs (Udacity)

    Near future

    • Intro to Databases (Stanford)
    • Machine Learning (Coursera)
    • Mathematics in Biology (Udemy)
    • Data Science (Coursera)


    • Data Analysis (Coursera)
    • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Backbone.js courses (CodeSchool)