Introducing local-repl: Supercharged Node.js REPLs
An introduction to local-repl, a CLI for running project-specific Node.js REPLs.
(341 words)
Responsive Typography Using Modern CSS
A guide to implementing responsive type scales.
(1433 words)
Recent Releases
Updates on marshmallow, TextBlob, webargs, and aiohttp libs.
(127 words)
Marshmallow 2.0 Released
pip install -U marshmallow
(436 words)
Three Command-line Tools for Productive Python Development
Time-saving tools for developing in Python.
(432 words)
The M's, V's, and C's: Keep 'em light and fluffy
(914 words)
Tutorial: What is WordNet? A Conceptual Introduction Using Python
(579 words)
Tutorial: State-of-the-art Part-of-Speech Tagging in TextBlob
(937 words)
Tutorial: Finding Important Words in Text Using TF-IDF
(811 words)
Tutorial: Simple Text Classification with Python and TextBlob
(1037 words)
Hosting Static Flask Sites on Github Pages
(283 words)
Lazily-evaluated Property Pattern in Python
(115 words)
Startup Skepticism
Collected quotes of disillusionment about the startup system
(990 words)
Python Best Practice Patterns by Vladimir Keleshev (Notes)
(457 words)
The .ideas file
(178 words)
Small projects I'm working on.
(248 words)
A professional reinvents himself
…he shucks his outworn body and dons a new one.
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