Recent Releases

Some notes on some recent releases:

TextBlob 0.11.0


This mainly fixes compatibility with NLTK 3.1 and above. Older versions of NLTK are no longer supported. As an added bonus, the averaged perceptron tagger described in this post is now the default part-of-speech tagger in both NLTK and TextBlob.

marshmallow 2.2.0


Adds support for partial deserialization. Also removes pre-2.0 deprecated API.

marshmallow-jsonapi 0.3.0


Validates JSON API-formatted request payloads. Adds a Relationship field for serializing JSON API relationship objects.

webargs 1.0.0


First stable release. Adds support for aiohttp. Also changes the position of injected arguments when using DjangoParser and FalconParser.

aiohttp_utils 1.0.0


New library that includes a number of utilities for building aiohttp applications, including content negotiation, method-based handlers, routing utilities, and development server.

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